We value a green way of thinking in our hotel and place great emphasis on reducing our environmental footprint. Our hotel was the first in Estonia to be awarded the Ecostars green label, which is an international recognition of the hotel’s sustainable management. Ecostars issues ratings through a certification process that takes into account several sustainability-related indicators such as energy and water efficiency, C02 emissions, waste sorting and the use of renewable energies. More than 1,600 hotels around the world carry the Ecostars green label.

We have implemented the following green steps in the hotel:

  • Solar park on the roof of the building, which covers up to 80% of the hotel’s energy needs
  • Modernized lighting – LED lighting in rooms and lighting with sensors in common areas
  • Charging points for electric cars
  • Water-saving toilet bowls and faucets
  • Energy-saving and soundproof triple-pane windows
  • Adjustable heating with sensors
  • Recycling of waste

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund, we implemented the “Go Hotel Shnelli Go Green” project, within the framework of which we purchased a new building automation, measurement system and modernized lighting for the hotel. The innovations make our accommodation service more efficient due to the reduction of energy consumption, and also make it possible to offer a higher quality indoor climate to the guests staying in the hotel. It is part of the hotel’s transition to a green business model that saves energy, improves the indoor climate and preserves the environment. The cost of the “Go Hotel Shnelli Go Green” project is €103,467.84, of which €82,774.27 is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The sustainable management covers the entire Go Group group, which also includes Go Hotel Shnelli. The companies of the group are constantly mapping their opportunities for the sustainable development of Estonia. We are very practical in these matters. We focus on what we can do better tomorrow than today. We keep our eyes open and think about whether the chosen solution is sustainable when making our daily decisions. These many small decisions will eventually result in a big change.